Thursday, July 3, 2014

Post 3 of the Nakba Day Killings: Geometry of the CNN camera angles

Note: If you haven't done so yet I recommend reading the posts in this series starting with Post 1. You can find all the posts in reverse order below this one on the page. You can also find each post in the series in the archives at right. The first post provides the basic intro information on the Nakba Day killings of May 15, 2014. This includes a set of notated maps that gives a sense of where this happened and what you'd see around you if you actually were there on that day. It also shows you a way to view videos frame by frame. If you are drawn to be a blog detective this will be a valuable tool and much of the evidence I'll introduce in this series of posts will require frame by frame analysis - especially if you'd like to check my conclusions for yourself. 

Although I did provide some diagrams in the the first two posts, before going further, I felt it was important to provide a best-guess estimate, at this time, of the critical geometry surrounding the events of this day. I believe these diagrams are fairly accurate but until I can get a higher resolution image overhead satellite or aircraft camera image this will have to do. If you know of any source for a better Earth Map view please contact me. Thanks

CNN Camera Views

View 1) Veranda wall view to west (281.1 deg compass angle). Camera focal axis - solid white, camera field of view - solid orange. This view and camera angles represent the screen grab from 1m59s in the CNN "Smoking Gun" footage.This line establishes the first line for triangulation of the CNN camera position on the diagram below. Lens zoom is set for 18.1 deg field of view.

 View 2) Nadeem evacuation view to northwest (322.2 deg compass angle). The camera focal axis line can be seen in the diagram below - solid white, camera field of view - solid aqua. This view and camera angles represent the screen grab from 2m13s in the CNN "Smoking Gun" footage.

The white dashed line in View 2 of the diagram below is the line of sight between the two road sign posts as seen above on the footage at 2m13s time. The dashed white line passes from the lens, just along the right side of the double sign post on the concrete block and then just to the left of the large diameter billboard post behind it and then hits near the corner of the 4 Bay Bldg on the diagram below. This line establishes the second line for triangulation of the CNN camera position on the diagram below. Lens zoom is set for 8.8 deg field of view.

Reverse angle view (146 deg compass angle) of the large diameter billboard post nearer the camera and the further back traffic sign that spans both lanes of the divided highway in front of the drive leading up to the veranda. This photo was taken on a different day from the two screen shots above that were taken from the "Smoking Gun" footage of May 15, 2014.

CNN Camera View Diagram

The following diagram encapsulates the data from the three screen shot images above.

The CNN video crew (with Ivan Watson as the on-air personality) seems to have set up their camera in this particular position just in time to observe both Israeli military personnel on the veranda as well as the street out in front of the 6 Bay Building where Nadeem Nuwara would soon appear to fall from gunfire from the veranda - almost immediately after the camera began rolling.

The following diagram overlaid on the Google Earth image of the area shows the CNN camera position and the two main camera angles and fields of view of the "Smoking Gun" footage. Distances between shooter and the CNN camera - and between the shooter and the target are in lime green.

Note: The distances from NADEEM TO SHOOTER and from SHOOTER to CAMERA below have both been corrected from a previous version of this post and reflect my most accurate estimates at this time (July 7, 2014).

Some may wonder why this data is important. I believe there is a wealth of information that can be discovered from a close examination of the still photo, audio and video data that are published online. One obvious value of this data is to compare it with what TV announcers and public officials claim to be the truth in their statements. My next post will use this data to expose possible CNN purposeful deception of the public.