Useful Links, Beitunia Nakba Day Killings,15-05-2014

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High Interest Videos

15-05-2014, YouTube, CNN Smoking Gun, shooters on veranda, Nadeem shot at 1m53s
15-05-2014, RowVid, CNN Smoking Gun, shooters on veranda, Nadeem shot at 113.86 (1m53s) 
15-05-2014, Shows both shots in sequence w/ graphics showing relative positions on ground, (51s)
16-05-2014, Money shot= last frame @ 44s, veranda from street, day after demos, (5m36s)

Security Cameras on Six Bay Bldg:

15-05-2014, SecCam 3, 09:44 to 11:11, (1h27m)
15-05-2014, SecCam 8, 09:52 to 11:20, (1h38m)
15-05-2014, SecCam 8, 11:20 to 12:49, (1h29m)
15-05-2014, SecCam 8, 12:49 to 14:16, (1h27m)

Other Videos:

15-05-2014, EoZ Syncro Montage (ET=39 sec)
23-05-2014, Israeli TV News feature, poor quality (ET=4:29 m:s)
15-05-2014, By Muath Hamed, Molotov, Jeep view north from driveway toward Ofer lot, veranda front view @  23s (0:34)
15-05-2014?, Owner interviewed, (2:25)
15-05-2014, Muhammad and others at SW corner of bldg, from SE (26 sec)
15-05-2014, By, 1st 48 sec, good shots of BP firing RB, Muhammad, bldg front activity, rest crowd at hospital
15-05-2014, By, BP fires RB, various (3:14 sec)
15-05-2014, Arab TV montage, various scenes (49 sec)
Unknown date, Solar plexus punch, (37 sec)

15-05-2014, By Reeb4.4, Good clips, possible Nadeem assisting evac (1:16 min:sec)
     Uploaded on Apr 6, 2014
On 4 Apr. 2014 Muhammad Yassin, a B'Tselem's camera volunteer, sustained severe internal injuries from live gunfire while filming clashes at Bitunya. Footage by David Reeb shows that Yassin was not at the center of the clashes, was carrying a camera and was clad in a vest indicating his photographer status. B'Tselem does not yet know what ammunition hit Yassin. The military, despite pledges to the contrary, often uses live 0.22-caliber bullets even when soldiers are not in mortal danger. B'Tselem demands that Yassin's wounding be investigated.

Sound demo, US fighter gets incoming AK47 and Taliban machine gun fire, many near hits, possible hit
Map of events published by Guardian
2-21-2013, By Wattan News, Demo scenes of intersection fr south (1m49s)
2-25-2013, By Amjad Hussein, Demo scenes from ramp toward Ramallah (2m46s)
11-17-2012, By Ali Darali, Demo scenes fr IDF parking lot to intersection (1m56s)
target get's hit with RB from prone
target get's hit with RB from kneel
good RB firefight- hits and evacs

Still Photo Links:


Unknown date, Smiling portrait, face of Nadeem
15-05-2014, closeup of Nadeem on ground just after hit
15-05-2014, super closeup of Nadeem on grnd just after hit, shows straps 
15-05-2014, Nadeem, down as demos converge on him, seen from N
15-05-2014, Nadeem down, being lifted, from S
15-05-2014, Nadeem down, shows location in street from bldg, from SE
15-05-2014, Nadeem evac, rubber bullet in flight
15-05-2014, Nadeem evac, shows RB in air, by Nazzal
15-05-2014, Nadeem montage bu Samer Nazzal , shots 1 & 2 + evac
15-05-2014, Nadeem alive in ambulance, just loaded
15-05-2014, Nadeem on operating table having heart massaged
15-05-2014, Nadeem, post mortem, in hospital showing sutured chest with bullet entry hole
15-05-2014, Nadeem on stretcher in green sheet, head and chest visible, before burial prep, by Jihad Qade
Unknown date, FB page showing rear of Nadeem's backpack with bullet hole and blood
Unknown date, Nadeem's father shows papers from backpack smeared w/ blood
15-05-2014, Another closeup of the rear of Nadeem's backpack showing entry hole and blood


15-05-2014, Muhammad down, just after hit with 1st person to reach him, Haaret
15-05-2014, Muhammad 1, in street, before hit, Hammas flag cape
15-15-2014, Muhammad 2, down, just after hit
15-05-2014, Muhammad 3, down, throes 1
15-05-2014, Muhammad 4, down, throes 2
15-05-2014, Muhammad, dead, in ambulance w/ red haired activist, arrival at hospital
15-05-2014, Muhammad photo montage being prepared for virgins


15-05-2014, Camera looking down at Muhammad and Nadeem on gurneys, ready for burial
15-05-2014, By Nazzal, funeral procession, both bodies, red haired activist in scene
Unknown Date, strange red haired activist

Abdullah Azzeh:

15-05-2014 Cam 2 of AA hit slinging rocks @ rv2282.70
EoZ article: Beitunia Pallywood again: The injury of Mohammed Azza/Azi/Aziz (update)

Muhammad Yassin:

14-4-2014 REEB 4.4 clip of MY shot at 2nd junction Beitunia, ample blood 


?15-05-2014, Good reverse view from house showing veranda toward street
Unknown date, good shot of SE corner of bldg, no people
Unknown date, Nazzal dual image of view from veranda and close up of bldg front
Google Earth of Scene

Other Stills:

Unknown date, M16 with RB adapter, RB cylinder and blank cartridge
Entry and exit wounds in muscle, AK47
Good view of RB M16 use in riot. Wads clearly visible.
IMI Non-Lethal Brochure

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